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◆For those who are considering studying abroad


Q.Are there any age restrictions on admission?

High school graduates and above can apply.

Q.How many people are there in a class?

Depending on the level, about 7 to 20 people.

Q.Are there lessons that continue from morning to evening or weekday nights or on weekends?

There are no lessons that continue from morning to evening or weekday nights or on weekends. There are lessons in the morning (9:00am ~ 12:40am) or afternoon (1:00pm ~ 4:40pm) during the weekdays.

Q.In what language are the classes conducted?

We teach Japanese in Japanese, using illustrations and photographs. Some lecturers can use English and/or other languages.

Q.Are all instructors qualified?

All teachers in our school are professional lecturers who received training for Japanese Teaching.

Q.Is there a place we can use to study at school?

Feel free to use the classroom prepared for self study located inside the school.

Q.When can I enter the vocational school or university?

The enrollment period in Japan, for most schools is in April. All the vocational schools of Adachi Education Group start in April. There are requirements such as Japanese proficiency and Education History differing from school to school, so it is recommended to check each school's requirements.

Q.Is it difficult to study at a vocational school?

Depending on the courses, there may be many industry specific technical terms and katakana. We have classes to help you acquire Japanese language certificates, etc., which a lot of foreign students are taking. Please don't give up!

School life

Q.Can students buy student commuter pass?

You cannot buy a student commuter pass for our course. Please purchase a normal commuter pass. However, students can get discounts for Toei lines and Toei buses.

Q.How much living expense is required?

Living expense, including accommodation expense, is about 80,000-120,000 yen per month.

Q.Can I work at a part-time job?

If you have a student visa, you can work part-time up to 28 hours/week if you acquire a "permission to work outside the status of residence". If you are visiting Japan with a visa without permission to work, you can not work part-time. Although we are introducing part-time jobs on campus, depending on the job, some may require some Japanese proficiency.


Q.Do I need a visa to study Japanese?

Depends on the learning period/nationality. A student visa is required to study for more than 6 months. If it is for a short term (3-6 months), you can come to Japan without special procedures depending on your nationality.

Q.When should I apply?

You can apply at anytime if you are in Japan. If you want to get a student visa from abroad, please click here.

Q.My visa will expire very soon,Can I change my status to student visa?

You can change your visa to student visa status immediately if you stay in japan as a working holiday student. If you have a short-term tourist visa, you can't change it immediately.

◆For graduates

Q.I need certificate of graduation and academic transcript of Tokyo Adachi.

You will have to come to the school to apply for issue of certificate. Please note that it will take at least 4 working days to issue certificates.
・Certificate of graduation 200 yen
・Certificate of academic transcript 200 yen